Hello! My name is Kyle Gray and this is a webpage dedicated to my love for

creative pursuits of all denominations. I believe we have it within us all the

ability to create works of art. The ways in which we express ourselves may

vary wildly, but as long as we approach the pursuit without fear, we will

find that any creation, done by anyone, is more than valid.

I have been pursuing my natural inclination for the arts from a very early age.

For many years it was my feeling that only the works by artists, that resembled the images and

techniques I was attempting to manifest and employ, were of significance.

This is now very much so not my own personal standard. I have finally ventured

to a point where I always attempt to understand and appreciate the lesser known by me

and/or understood. Precious gifts in life are given only rarely and I will no longer arbitrarily exclude

that which I don't generally identify with or understand. Our horizons as artists, and simply as people, demand

of us that we attempt to relate to what is foreign. May we do our best to expand, reinterpret and grow

in all facets of life. Together.

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