An Angel. An Angel is a being of pure light and goodness, that willingly and completely serves God and His children, for only the betterment of their path and souls. Without question, an Angel obeys the laws of God and upholds the spiritual evolution of God's creation. Vanity, pride and all other dispositions self serving, are not within the mandate of what it is to be an Angel. I will strive to do my utmost to serve, love, guide and accept God's children, without question or hesitation. I will obey the commands set before me by God, His Son The Christ and know the value and permeating permanence, of true love and eternal sacrifice. To transition from a self serving human, to a God serving angelic being is most monumental and at once quite simple. Will I make the ultimate sacrifice? I hope so.

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A person is as a mirror. When pristine, the view of yourself, and them, is most clear. The more soiled, the murkier this vision becomes, and when broken they are never more dangerous.

Are your riches not sufficient? What will you desire and make need of next? May we ascend into the stars. Another shadow is born.

I have nothing and no one. Naked, I sit before myself. My Mother and Father say"I love you." Truly I am more blessed than most. I am nothing before you God and yet I am everything, just as we all are.

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