Back To The Past Made Easy.

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Time travel has been for such a long while, thought to be something completely intricate, extremely complex and/or not able to be understood. May I please now attempt to communicate the simple parameters governing traveling into the past from any current, or future time.

Consider please, in terms of travel, one point to another, and relative speeds being traveled at. Example: From point A to point B. The distance from point A to point B is 100 miles. Now, understand very easily, traveling from point A to point B at a rate of 100 miles per hour, it will take 1 hour to reach point B from point A.

Now consider traveling at twice the speed, to point B from point A. Quite obviously the time it takes to reach point B will be cut in half. Now again double the speed at which you are traveling and again the time it takes to reach point B from point A is cut in half.

Of course the more you increase the speed at which you are traveling, you will arrive more and more quickly at your destination.

Now please consider and understand. Eventually given the appropriate speed traveled at, you most certainly will arrive, for example's sake, at your desired destination in 1 minute. All you must do is increase your speed sufficiently and you will arrive at your destination at exactly the same time as you originally left your point of your departure.

As stated with increasing levels of velocity, you will firstly arrive at your intended destination point just as soon as you've left your original point of departure, but also any velocity reached after that instance, will enable you to reach your intended destination, BEFORE you've left your point of departure.

The faster the rate at which you travel, the further back in time you will arrive at your destination point.

At this juncture I will present a potential method by which to travel at such tremendous speeds, while at once determining the most safe of destinations, without materializing within any form of static object. This alternate form of travel would be "spherical" in nature.

If instead of a linear path/mode of travel one were to somehow, with tremendous speeds, rotate a spherical field of energy, around an encapsulated "vehicle", one could essentially stay spatially inert, while at once traveling at ever increasing speeds.

Of course my hypothesis is not, as far as I know, currently able to be put into practice, however, perhaps as we are able to progress as a species, we might be able to achieve such a momentous feat of engineering, mathematical excellence and most importantly moral maturity, that we might put this advancement to good, practical and scrupulously beneficial use, for us all as a species, hopefully deserving of such an awesome power.

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