Holy crap my first post and going strong!

Well then here we go! I attempt with the creation of this site, and blog, to bring together

any and all persons who enjoy: Any form of creative pursuit other than of course

the knitting of afghans. Any form of indulgence in classic and/or digital RPG style

gaming.Video gaming in general. Something that has been habitually entertaining and

enthralling for me over the years, being the game and especially the hobby, of miniatures

war gaming. I have a whole host of wants, intentions and desires that I'm sure wont manifest

for some time but the most important addition to this site will be all those who frequent it,

love or hate it, want to eat it with some pan roasted pistachios and drizzled honey, or blow it up

at their earliest convenience. At any rate, please be well all,

no matter your intentions and as the old adage goes "Just keep on givin'er!"

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A person is as a mirror. When pristine, the view of yourself, and them, is most clear. The more soiled, the murkier this vision becomes, and when broken they are never more dangerous.

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