Human Illumination

Mass confusion of the masses. We have strayed so far, from what is natural and progressive and good, for one and all at once. May we find our way again, or very arbitrarily have it shown to us. Perhaps we are continuing on a collective journey, that will appease and applaud us all. Certainly we as citizens, cannot and should not know the greater plan designed for us, hence the famous movie line "You cant handle the truth!". We are now, more so than ever, very much so being saved from ourselves. May we ultimately be a people of peace, prosperity, evolution and as well be safeguarded by the ruling power above us.

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A person is as a mirror. When pristine, the view of yourself, and them, is most clear. The more soiled, the murkier this vision becomes, and when broken they are never more dangerous.

Are your riches not sufficient? What will you desire and make need of next? May we ascend into the stars. Another shadow is born.

I have nothing and no one. Naked, I sit before myself. My Mother and Father say"I love you." Truly I am more blessed than most. I am nothing before you God and yet I am everything, just as we all are.

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