Light, Dark, Life and Love

"Lucifer". God's first born and most loved angel. Lucifer fell from God's grace. The Lord of Darkness, "Satan" was then born. Lucifer was created and intended, by God, to lead, instruct and serve the human children of God. "Vanity" was born. Vanity is the root of all "the seven deadly sins" and every other. Thrice Lucifer was commanded by God to serve, guide, instruct and enlighten God's children. Thrice Lucifer denied this command, thinking himself superior to God's children in every aspect. As true as this fact was, the command remained. It will always be the duty of a higher being, to serve and enlighten those with more meager means at their disposal. To take advantage of the weak, is to be more than weak in thine own self. Lucifer remains God's first among angels, the "Bringer Of Light", "The North Star", to be used as a constant and brilliant guide, through even the darkest of nights, also meant to bring knowledge and facilitate evolution. Meant to be a promise kept upon being born first by God and perfect. A perfection not to be hoarded or exercised with any amount of narcissism. Satan is the Dark Lord. Fully and very deliberately without repentance. Take heed! All gifts given by Satan carry with them a price, twice as dear. God gives freely. Satan does not. If Satan were to abandon vanity, repent for all sins and wrong doings, give way God's will, the service of God's children and serve again the intentions, wishes and commands of The Lord God, unity could again be established among all there is and will ever be. This flux of power, by deliberate intention, would create a cascading and exponentially growing mass awakening of consciousness and evolution, that would extend to all there is, was and will ever be. Again, to understand the true nature of sin fully, look not to Adam and Eve, but instead to the very root of sin itself. As stated, vanity is the zenith point among all other sins, for it is the root and deciding factor of any sin. To engage in vanity is to serve thine own self before any other. Gluttony, Greed, Envy, Lust, Wrath, Sloth and of course Vanity all refer firstly to completely self serving acts and ways. Free yourself. Serve Life and Love. Everything good, great and of continuous and growing, evolving value, falls within the realm of Life and Love. The best we can hope to have occur across the vastness of the universe is the creation of life and the best we can hope that might spring from that life is the gift and achievement of love. Let us serve life and love and give to and nourish one another always.

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