Work on the site is progressing gradually but steadily, so you cant stop me I'm

the m*th*rf*ck*n' Ginger Bread Man b*tch*s!!! Creating a site has proved itself

to be an excellent and enjoyable endeavor and subsequently life, the universe as a whole

even, has entered a new and better sphere of what is considered optimal. Once I"m fully up

and running, and in keeping with some content from my first post, I would love to include a members

area, for those keenly interested in miniatures wargaming and more importantly the hobby element of said. It is my intention to allow a community to share their likes, dislikes, tips, tricks and just plain show off their hard labored over creations. As previously mentioned, I have been avidly interested in the hobby since a very early age and have seen miniatures evolve from quite clumsy lumps of pewter, to some absolutely fantastic, massively detailed plastic and resin kits. I continue to adore assembling, converting especially and painting minis and as well very much so the terrain that would litter their small scale battlefeilds

. The use of mainly "found objects" in constructing pieces of terrain can be an incredibly inspiring and gratifying process and once your new tabletop element is complete, life is good. Please be well all and just keep on givin'er!

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