Personal Discoveries/Trials Through Diagnosis

With some deliberation, Ive decided to share, what has been the single most

dramatic element of my life. My diagnosis of Schizoaffective disorder. For those not

so familiar, this diagnosis includes both the presence of Schizophrenia and also Bi-Polar

Manic Depression. I have, thankfully, struggled very little with depression and have always

tended to lean more towards the "Manic" component of my condition. Something that may also

not be entirely well known, is that it has been quite firmly established that this condition is largely

hereditary, genetic, carried in the blood. The medications proscribed and especially why they have

the effects they do are basically not at all understood. But with a massive "however", I am finally

at a point where I would never even mildly entertain the notion, of deliberately neglecting to take my

full compliment of medication, exactly as proscribed. I do not fancy myself a Shaman displaced from

his tribe, a sorcerer who must do all to hone his talents in witchcraft, or any other denomination of

romanticized character. I am a human diagnosed with a profound psychiatric condition. As many wild

tales as I could tell or continue to recollect, it is not special or noteworthy to continue propagating any

recurring incidents of mental instability. What I now find a challenge to be, is to live as stable and healthy a life as I can and put first life and love and goodness and the complete removal of harmful

behaviors. I struggle, as we all do in our own fashion. So it comes to me now that if anyone finds

themselves interested, I will in this blog, among other things, speak on my experiences throughout the

years, living and dealing with my mental illness. Please be well all and believe me when I say, its always good to just keep on givin'er!

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