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Any form of positive interaction on this site is highly encouraged, however, discussion

on certain topics is considered even more desirable than others. If anyone would like to contribute

sentiments pertaining to art of any kind, or any related creative process this would be excellent.

Also, any posts relating in any fashion to the hobby of miniatures wargaming would, again, be very

appreciated. If anyone is willing to be brave enough to share their thoughts and experiences where

living with a psychiatric condition is concerned, this would be highly valued and extremely well looked upon. As always, I must stress the necessity for all communication to be respectful and we will certainly tolerate no negative Nancy's and/or big poopy doopy's spoiling the fun. Okay then all, there it is, so please post those notes and never forget even for a moment to keep on givin'er!

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A person is as a mirror. When pristine, the view of yourself, and them, is most clear. The more soiled, the murkier this vision becomes, and when broken they are never more dangerous.

Are your riches not sufficient? What will you desire and make need of next? May we ascend into the stars. Another shadow is born.

I have nothing and no one. Naked, I sit before myself. My Mother and Father say"I love you." Truly I am more blessed than most. I am nothing before you God and yet I am everything, just as we all are.

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