TIME: A concept, perspective, perception and tool.

More than likely you've come across similar information before, but I feel I may finally have found the very best way for myself to attempt to impart this knowledge upon another. I hope this interests you and may serve to offer a new avenue of intriguing thought form possibilities.

As humans, the most conventional understanding of the existence of time, is one that presupposes we process the passage of time linearly. Past, present and future. It is my thinking, that just as we are limited to understanding everything and everyone else in our world by the five basic senses granted us, if we possessed another form of sense, dedicated to examining time in other ways than simply a linear progression of events, time might very well take on a whole new meaning and structure. As we all have experienced the present, fading away into the past and giving way to the future, this template is echoed all throughout our world, lives and traditional form of reality. If only we could process time in another fashion other than linearly, our entire experience as a form of life might be altogether different.

Consider. In terms of understanding the existence of time. If the present is now and now will become the past and the future lays ahead, to at some point become the present and again lapse into past, then it is my very real feeling that some form of confusion is at the core of this almost absurd paradox. Now, still adhering to the notion that time can only be understood in linear terms, please let me offer the example/metaphor of a human processing time as they would understand a book by reading it. Just as we feel time passes, in a linear format, so is the reading and completing of a book accomplished. One page at a time, one sentence and paragraph after the other, until finally the entire book has been read and the story complete.

This is the way humans conventionally read and understand a book. The fact does remain though that just as the book is first taken up and although the reader is processing only the first page at that moment, the remainder of the book certainly does exist. The reader has not yet investigated that far but the fact is, the rest of the story all the way to completion is right there in readers own hands. Now imagine removing all the pages from the book and in sequential order pasting them to a wall large enough to accommodate every page. The complete story. Now if we had a subject with ample ability, the entire story could be read, understood and read again and again for clarity at a glimpse.

Now we can see that it is at very least somewhat possible that "time" is much less a firm and universal construct or mechanism unto itself and most likely much more so a bi-product of our human perspective and ability to perceive. Just as someone with limited or absolutely no vision is unable to visually perceive the world around them, this certainly does not mean it does not exist.

I hope very much you've enjoyed this alternate perspective on the possibility of alternate forms of understanding the way time might work in our universe, or beyond and may we all strive to keep challenging ourselves and one another in a healthy and friendly manner. Happiness, good health and only the best to all.

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