Time, Spirit, A Trip, Life-Journey, A Soul and Scandinavian Cheese.

This post, as follows, is specifically a response that I have recently sent to one of my very best friends on another social media platform. It turned out well enough that I felt it deserved some space, here, for any who may enjoy. Please be well all, I hope you find it to your liking and here we go!

Me to Him Below...

Pash quite obviously we need to have a hard chat!!! I'm certain you already know DMT is also referred to as "The Soul Drug". Apparently, at precisely the 48th day of a human fetuses growth period, exactly this drug compound is released into the fetuses brain. A spark, a consciousness, and the immortality of the now born "Soul" is hatched. As you know, we are all one consciousness, experiencing itself subjectively. There exists not any form of true death, life is a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves. I am now just as much "You", as myself and vice versa. Time certainly is the most non existent and purely subjective quantifier there ever has been. If the human brain/virtual network/mind construct, could only keep up in the "eternal instance" and/or "singularity moment", everything would be perceived in only that moment. If what happened yesterday was the past and what is happening now is the present and what happens next is the future, a future that will eventually fall back again into the past, then, future=past, present=now and now=both past and future, that means surely it is only our own imposed limitations that classify, past, present and future as separate. This msg I'm sending now has already been sent, while you were running amok on your first trip, screeching to all witnessing the spectacle "Everything corresponds!!!" Neither Tibor nor I understood your apparent madness/epiphany/profound realization, nor did we care. Perhaps we as humans, at the minute, have been graced with these, hopefully temporary, limitations, in terms of what we can or cannot instantaneously, fully experience. Please remember Pash that just as the excellent film "Lucy" says quite surely and with force, "If you accelerate time infinitely, everything ceases to exist.". Thank God for our limitations, that allow us to experience and very hopefully, understand, learn and include such knowledge in forming our own journey and relate such wisdom to our following, more advanced members of the species. Okay Pashonova, pretty please with DMT on top, keep livin', lovin', learnin' and givin'er' to the best of your ample ability, and forget never that just because you put the lenses of sunglasses into your eye sockets in the basement of destiny, it doesn't mean you're, necessarily, exempt from being examined thoroughly, in cavity search fashion, at my command, by "The High Agents Of Andromeda Zeta Reticuli Prime". Till soon Grand Master Pash And The Furious Hive!!! Love, love, love only more so always and when in doubt remember, if there be crumminess that needs casting out, simply devour unholy quantities of Scandinavian cheese and chocolate!!! Seeya Big Man and be well always and in all ways!!!

You sent Today at 6:47 PM

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