Virtuality By Digital "VR" Means

"Virtuality". This is an extension of being. We need not be limited to the confines of the immediate, corporeal understanding, of sensory input/output. Unlocking and activating portions of the human mind/brain can be possible through virtual experiences, "VR", that push our physical brain "hardware" to further limits, limited only by our ability and willingness. A question that remains is where/when will we stop living in conventionally provided, physical reality, with its inherent confines and where can we go mentally, especially without, if so desired, necessary and true limits. Also, if electronic information can be sent throughout our current global network and considering the fact that our mind is essentially a "virtual, energy construct/matrix", generated by the brain, why can we not send our "digital selves" across the stars, or at very least into the mind of another possessing the very same construct/matrix?

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